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Newly born kittens are regularly dumped in rubbish bins and unbelievably many cats are found poisoned.  We would like to put an end to this barbaric situation by educating the local community to stop this cruelty. Killing or removing cats does not resolve the situation because of the phenomenon called the 'vacuum effect'.  When cats are removed from a location, survivors of the catch and kill effort together with new cats move in and breed to capacity.  The only proven way to control the situation is by neutering to reduce the numbers.


We see this programme as a community project that will benefit everyone. Pollensa is struggling with stray, abandoned and feral cats. The majority of them are born in the spring and summer and survive through the kindness of tourists who feed them. At the end of the summer season the tourists leave, and some cats survive through the kindness of local residents. However, many die of starvation or being poisoned.  Cats are often viewed as a nuisance and many people believe poisoning is the solution. Cat Protection Pollensa is wanting to raise awareness of the Trap, Neuter, Return programme to help reduce the feral population in and around Pollensa which will provide a solution that works for everyone.

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