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Sick cats and kittens, and what to do.
We have very few volunteers and limited resources. We don't have a refuge or rescue centre for cats. Sadly we cannot attend every emergency and take all the cats and kittens in, and we cannot cover other areas on the Island outside of the Pollensa area. 
We can lend you a trap or a carrier.
We can recommend vets to use.
We can advise where we can.
We really need you to help the cats too. Donate to Associations in the area you are staying in, share in Social Media, tell people about the problem in Mallorca, report back to your holiday rep, villa company, hotel manager. There are many ways you can help the cats of Mallorca. 

Want to adopt a kitten or cat to your home? 

Please read below the information you need to help you do this. Please be aware that we are limited in how much we can help as we have very few volunteers and limited resources. If the cat or kitten has found you, then you will need to be committed to the process.

  • The first thing to do is take the cat or kitten to the vet for a check up. They will need to be wormed and de-parasited at this point. Ask the advice of the vet as to whether they need to test for FIV or Leukaemia, both common viruses in street cats.

  • Inform the vet that your intention is to take the cat or kitten back home so that they can vaccinate and look at preparing the Passport needed for travel if possible. 

  • Depending on the age and health of the cat will determine if they are able to have their vaccinations and or rabies injection and microchip. It may be that these are done in separate visits.

  • The rabies vaccination and the microchip must be done at the same appointment and a kitten must be 12 weeks old before these can be done. You can transport the cat 21 days after these have been done. This is very important if transporting to the UK.

  • Foster carers are very hard to find as we are so short of volunteers. If you are leaving to go home yourself and need a foster solution until they are able to travel, we highly recommend a lovely cattery in Selva, near Inca. Jenifer runs Son Xotano Kennels and Cattery in Selva  with her husband David, and they have lovely facilities. There is also a boarding kennels in Sencelles called Son Batlet - vaccinations are required at both. 

  • Once the 21 days has passed, the cat can travel to the UK. A final vet check is required at this point and the vet's signature required on the Passport.

  • Flying to the UK is very difficult, however, flying within Europe is much easier. The cat or kitten can travel in the cabin within Europe for around 60 Euros. Please check with your airline for details on travelling with a pet and the carrier size required to fit under the seat. The cat will still require a microchip and rabies vaccination before travelling. 

  • Road transport is available to the UK as an option. Please email us for further information. 


A guide to costs:

Please note these costs may vary slightly depending on vets. They are an indication only.

Stonghold worming/flea treatment                             10 euros

Passport - includes rabies vaccination, microchip    80 euros

Vaccinations                                                                    50 euros

Test for Leukaemia/FIV                                                 30 euros   

Final vet check prior to travel - check chip                20 euros 


Son Xotano Kennels & Cattery                         Email Jenifer at to get an up to date                                                                                             price for lodging. Lodging includes food and boarding in individual chalets.

Son Batlet, Sencelles                                           Lodging includes food and boarding in individual chalets. Please contact for                                                                                   further information.

Transport to the UK                                             Please contact Caroline Stapely for an up to date quote.                                                                                                                  Email or Whatsapp +44 7597 750099

Flying within Europe

It is much easier to transport an animal within Europe than to the UK. Please check with your airline. Cats can be transported in the cabin within Europe, in an appropriate sized carrier. They will still need to travel with a Passport and have the necessary microchip and vaccinations. Please speak the vet about the rabies vaccination and passport.

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