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CAT SHOOTINGS IN EL VILA    This is Ella. In March she was shot in her colony in El Vila, just outside Pollensa. Five other cats were also shot, two of which were able to be trapped to receive treatment, the others haven't been seen since. 

Ella was in the vets for about three weeks receiving treatment for the gun shot wound in her chest. As a result of the gun shot would she suffered from a severe infection, pneumonia, sepsis and also miscarried two kittens she was pregnant with. The pellet also moved to her lung causing it to collapse, adding to the complications.

Amazingly, she has survived all of this, frequently purring during various procedures such as draining her chest of fluid and being fed through a tube into her stomach. She has fought hard to survive and is recovering slowly with one of our supporters, waiting until she can go to her new home. Sadly she won't be able to go back to her colony. 

We are still making enquiries into the shootings and would ask people to let us know if they are aware of this happening in any other areas and if they witness any other cases of cruelty and abuse of Pollensa's cat colonies.

Ella's vet bill is understandably rather large. We would appreciate any donations towards her bill. Every little helps and we thank you in advance.    

Cat Protection Pollensa held their inaugural event at San Antoni this year to raise awareness of the work they are doing.

In the run up to the event a poster competition supported by the local council was held with the children from local schools to deliver the message that the community must take care of its street cats. 

There were some amazing entries which were displayed on the night of the party outside the Marina Cafe and El Casinet in the Port, who kindly supported the Association on the evening. 

Many of the children who entered the competition proudly brought their families to see their work displayed. There were prizes for best fancy dress costumes together with the prizes for the best posters. 

The team involved in the Association have worked tirelessly with other volunteers over the past few years to try to reduce the population of cats by a trap and neuter programme  together with support from the local council.   However, the situation is now out of control and desperately needs further help from the local community.  The Association has been set up with the support of some people from the UK to try to raise awareness of the problem and recruit further support and funds.

Rescue Stories - these are just some of our rescue stories.

This beautiful boy was found in December on the road after he was run over. He had to have surgery to repair his pelvis which was broken in three places. Someone very kindly donated to cover the cost of his operation and post operative care. He will hopefully make a full recovery.

He is currently in foster care, but if you think you could offer him a loving home, please get in touch with us. 

Storm and Sol. Storm was found during terrible storms in early November. They were at risk from the weather and from being poisoned within their colony. After they were fostered temporarily, they have now travelled to the UK and are living in their new home together. We're so happy that we managed to do this for them, but we can't do this without your help. Thank you to all involved.

This is Pip! She was about four weeks old when she was found in a hedge by a couple on holiday. After they took her to the vets and bottle fed her for a week, one of our foster carers took care of her until they could take her back to the UK.

Adopting from Pollensa is easy to do so please don't be put off by logistics! Contact us for information.

Pip is now 18 months old and loving her new home where she is loved very much.

We desperately need foster carers in Pollensa, so please get in touch if you can help.

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