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By sponsoring one of our colony cats that live a more feral lifestyle, you will be helping our team of carers to supplement their diet and look after their health. We make sure the colony cats are sterilized and monitor them in their environment, taking them to the vets when necessary. By making a monthly donation you will be helping to take care of one of our cats. 

Choose from some of our colony cats featured below and just click to donate.

I am Mr Black and White. I live in the Port and despite my damaged hind leg, I manage to survive. Please sponsor me so I can get some help for my leg. 

My name is Shelly. I am about 4 years old, and I am the mother of Poirot and Hally. I love attention, cuddles and most importantly food!

Honey is 3 years old, she was dumped at the supermarket with her siblings when they were tiny. She is quite talkative, enjoys attention and would love a home.

I am Poirot. I am 3 years old, brother of Hally. I am King of the colony. I love attention and stalking through the long grass at food time.

Hally was named after Cat Woman. She is 3 years old, she loves her food and enjoys attention. 

This is Ginger. He has a sore eye but he doesn't trust us enough yet for us to help him. Hopefully we will get him to the vet soon.

The gorgeous Lally.

Bailey is about 3 months old, quite timid but extremely independent.

Feliz is about 2 years old, still very timid but getting better every day. She has had 2 litters of kittens and will be sterilized this February.

Boris and Big Boy. Both are 1 year old. Big Boy was abandoned in Bouquer last year.

This is Ed Balls. He is obviously not well but we are unable to trap him to get him to the vets for treatment. We don't know much about him but he has recently joined a small group of cats and we are able to at least feed him.

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